Let Us Prepare A Distribution List In Outlook

Outlook Address book

Get Outlook Address book

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients preferred by people all over the globe. This email application is developed by Microsoft and the application has been included in the Office Suite of Microsoft. This email client not only assists us in sending and receiving email messages, but it also helps us to perform a wide range of tasks. It helps us to manage our contacts, to prepare the Outlook address book, to prepare distribution lists, which reduce our hassle of sending invitations to our dear ones to assign tasks, calendars, and provides assistance in many other functions.

If you are getting ready for an occasion and if you wish to send invitations to a large group of people, you may find it difficult to send the invitation to each by typing the email address. Creating a distribution list using Outlook Address book reduces your hassle and you can perform the desired task easily. Let us check how to create email distribution lists in Outlook.


  • You can open Microsoft Outlook on your system and click on Tools menu on top. Now choose Address Book.
  • You may have more groups in the address book and you can select Contacts to choose more than one group.
  • The next process is to create a directory and you can provide a name for the same so that you can identify the group of people. To create a new group, you can select File menu and choose New Contact Group.
  • This new group or distribution list can be saved to your address book. You can place the newly created distribution list under Contacts folder or anywhere you like.

    prepare distribution lists

    contacts in Outlook Address book

  • Now open the list that you have created and choose Select Members.
  • From the contact list, you can choose the initial name that you wish to add to the distribution list. You will find Members icon at the bottom of the window. Go through the step once again in order to add more people and choose after completing the task.
  • You can add a new email address to your Outlook address book. After saving the same, you can add it to your email distribution list and after that, you can click Save and Close.

These are the different steps that you need to follow for creating email distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook.

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Get Rid Of Yahoo Search Bar From Firefox

Remove Yahoo toolbar

How to remove Yahoo toolbar

Toolbars are normally added to the web browsers in order to avoid the trouble of browsing and searching for different applications on the web. When people access more applications on a search engine for different purposes, the companies would introduce toolbars, which could help the user to access the different applications right from their browsers.

You might be quite familiar with Yahoo search engine and people depend on it for different purposes. No matter whether it is browsing, or accessing different applications of Yahoo, you would need to browse the Yahoo website. In order to avoid this, Yahoo has introduced a toolbar, which is the Yahoo toolbar, and the same is added to the web browser Mozilla Firefox or other web browsers.

Your browser with the toolbar will have all of the different and often used applications like Yahoo, Amazon, Creative Commons, Wikipedia and eBay. If you are a frequent browser of the above websites, having a Yahoo toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox can be considered as an advantage. However, if you do not use the toolbar and if it is not a requirement for you at all, then the best option would be to remove the same.

If you wish to remove Yahoo toolbar from your computer, you can follow the instructions given below.


  • You can open Mozilla Firefox on your computer.
  • Now to the left side of the search box, you will find an arrow and you can select the same. You will normally find this on the top right of the Yahoo toolbar. Selecting the same will open up a drop down menu and you can select Manage Search Engines.

    Yahoo search engine

    Try to remove Yahoo toolbar

  • Now select Yahoo and this will highlight it. Now to the right of the window, select Remove and this will uninstall Yahoo from the list. Now verify whether Yahoo toolbar remains on Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • You can click OK and save the changes that you have already implemented and this will help you to remove Yahoo toolbar from your web browser.

If you still have Yahoo toolbar on your web browser, you may go to Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program and from the list of programs installed, you can choose Yahoo and everything related to Yahoo and click the Uninstall button to uninstall them.

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Fixing Issues In Your Windows XP Systems

Windows XP Help

Windows XP Troubleshooting Tips

It is not uncommon to have performance issues on your computer. This is the case, if you are using an operating system like Windows XP, which is quite old, and slower in performance. But it is still possible to get the best out of your Windows XP machines if you employ some of the following Windows XP help tips.

Troubleshooting the Video Display

The Video Display troubleshooter is a very useful utility built into the Windows XP operating system. It is a handy program that helps a user in determining if there are any issues with the common display. Error messages and other obvious problems with the display are often managed by the Video Display Troubleshooter utility. Running the Video Display troubleshooter is very simple, and can be done in a few clicks. First click on the Start menu and click on Help and Support. Now select Fixing a Problem, which you can find under the Pick a Help Topic section. In the new window that opens up on your screens select Display Troubleshooter under the option list located on the left. Some of the Windows XP variations might not have this feature. If you cannot find it just type Display troubleshooter into the search box and press Enter.

The application determines the problem with the display by posing simple questions to the user. Just answer very questions as accurately as you can and then press Next. A possible solution may only turn up after the user answers multiple questions.

Technical Assistance

Fixing Video Issues In Windows XP

Not everybody may like the default screen resolution settings on Windows. Different users using the same computer may often change the screen resolutions to alleviate eyestrain. Some other programs may need a specific resolution to work properly. To open display properties right click on a vacant spot on the desktop and choose Properties in the appearing context menu. Click on Settings tab at the top of the window where you can notice a slider in the middle of the tab which needs to be slid to change the resolution. This change may change size of icons and text. Change accordingly to reduce eyestrain.

If you face any other issues with your Windows XP systems you can check up on Windows XP help menu for more help topics and solutions else if the issue is grave just contact the Windows XP help and support team for more professional and technical assistance.

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How To Fix "Unable To Send Emails" Error In Outlook

Outlook Setting

Features Of Outlook

Some people use their internet email accounts directly from the web browsers while others make use of email client programs like Microsoft Outlook. Now, when you use the email client program Microsoft Outlook, you might encounter some errors occasionally. One such issue is the inability of the program to send or receive emails. This error can occur due to many reasons and in this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

Check Outlook setting

The first step is to verify the settings in Outlook. If any of the settings are wrongly entered during the configuration, you would receive these error messages. Therefore, click the option Tools in the menu bar and select Account Settings. This will open the window Account Settings. You may click to select the email account with which you are experiencing troubles and then click the button Change found below the tabs in the window. Go through all the settings in the Change E-mail Account window. In addition, click More Settings and select the tab Advanced to verify if the port numbers entered are correct and also if the options to select SSL connection are marked. If you do not find any errors with the settings, click the Cancel button and close the windows that are opened.

Outlook safe mode

When the above steps fail, try to open the program in safe mode. For this, open the Run window and type Outlook /safe in it. Click OK to launch the program in safe mode. If Outlook launches and you are able to send and receive emails with the program, then some of the add-ons installed in the program are causing the troubles. Disable the installed add-ins one by one until you find out the one giving troubles. Remove it permanently.

New profile

Technical Support

Fix Outlook Issues

If Outlook gives errors in safe mode, try creating a new profile for the email account. For this, go to the Control Panel window and choose the option Mail. Click the option Show Profiles. Select the troubled account from the list and choose the option Add. Enter a name for the profile in the New Profile window and click OK. Mark the option Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next. Enter the same settings with which you had configured the account earlier and make this profile the default one.

With the above steps, you can fix the issues like “Unable to send and receive emails” in Outlook. For additional help on Outlook setting, you may contact our technical support team.

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Steps To Sync Microsoft Outlook 2011 For Mac With Address Book

Outlook Address Book

Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email services by users across the globe. Outlook is also available for Mac users, so that they can run the application on their Mac computers. You can also sync the Outlook address book in your Mac computer in order to view the contact information. For this purpose you can use the following instructions provided by Outlook tech support:

  • In the first step, you need to backup your Mac address book. For this, click on Mac address book, File menu, followed by Export, and then select the Address Book archive.
  • Once you have created the backup, you need to disable third-party sync service if it exists on your computer. You can enable it after you finish syncing the Outlook address book with your Mac.
  • Now, you need to launch Outlook 2011 and click on the Preferences option to open up Outlook Preferences. Now, click on the Sync Services option, followed by the box next to Turn on Sync Services for Contacts. You would get a list of options under the name Select the accounts to sync, wherein you need to choose Address Book and close the window. Once you get a message to confirm, click on the OK button.
  • Now, you need to click on the Tools tab and choose Sync Services to turn it on. For syncing, you can open iSync under the Utilities in the Applications window and then go to Preferences in the iSync Application menu. Now, click to check the box next to Enable syncing and wait for the process to get complete.
  • Now you need to delete the Plist files. For this, click on Go, then Home followed by Library, and then on the Preferences. Now, you need to search for the files that contain com.microsoft.outlook.XXXXX.plist, and then move these to the Trash folder. Similarly, locate the files that contain com.microsoft.SyncServicesAgent.plist and again put them to Trash.

    Outlook Address Book

    Outlook 2013

  • Now, you need to re-open Outlook and click on the Tools tab followed by the Sync Services. You should also enable the Turn on Sync Services for Contacts option.
  • Next, you need to close Outlook and go to Applications, Utilities, and then on Activity Monitor. Check for the Sync Services Agent option under the Process Name and then choose the Sync Services Agent.
  • Now, you need to click on the Quit option at the upper left corner and close the Activity Monitor option. Now, restart your Outlook application.

These steps would help you to successfully sync your address book with Mac computer. To get more assistance, feel free to contact our technical support team.

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